who we are
we're a hybrid
half creative agency
half production company
we are trusted media and production professionals
some of the most influential brands in the world
think of us like Michelin star chefs in a food truck
we believe now is the time to double down on creating captivating content
what we do
we create engaging content
to connect with consumers in new ways
we leverage our experiences in diverse backgrounds to think outside the box
and reimagine what's inside the box
our goal is to always create something that touches the soul and excites the senses
the tip of the iceberg
Social Media
Social Media
R & D
R & D
be creative + think outside the box + make them think + reinvent the wheel + look at it from a
different angle + do it again + step away + come back with new ideas + be willing to adapt + 
see what others don't + always surprise them + discover new ways of making what's already been
done before + adapt your approach + keep it simple + strive for the wow factor + embrace the
accidental gems + get your feet wet and your hands dirty + don't forget to stop and smell the
roses + always push the limits + just jump and a net will appear + redefine the finish line 


Paid Time Off was born from two media professionals and longtime partners at the peaks of our respective careers in media sales, production and directing-- with a hunger to combine our knowledge and expertise to build something uniquely our own while working directly with and for you.

Our experiences traveling the world both together and separately created a desire and a need to break out of the confines of corporate culture in order to dedicate our lives to exploring the world and creating content on your destination's or brand's behalf.

What is PTO?

Paid Time Off is a production company specializing in strategic content development for clients in need of marketing assets. Whether your brand or destination is in need of a cohesive photo gallery that tells a story, short, digestible social media videos, sleek, commercial-quality long form video, or taking over your brand's or destination's social media handles, Paid Time Off will partner with you and consult along the way. While creative solutions are our passion, we will work with a variety of clients across many categories, no job is too big or too small.

we do not just work harder we like to work smarter

let's do something awesome together

Paid Time Off is based in Los Angeles
We work all over the world


Paid Time Off
PO Box 25673
Los Angeles, CA 90025


CEO - Caroline
CC0 - Maciek
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